# Senior 3D Artist

Senior 3D Artist

Kohë e plotë
Tiranë, Shqipëri
Data e përfundimit: 21 Prill 2021


Senior 3D Artist Description: Responsible for creating three-dimensional models, animations, and visual effects to be used in various creative projects such as films, video games, and digital advertising campaigns. This involves creating special effects to match specific briefs using a combination of handdrawing techniques and computer software Skills: Detail-oriented, flexible, and a good team player. Creative and artistic with a strong working knowledge of and eye for color, texture, and light Knowledge of industry-standard software. Excellent creativity and artistic skills. Good communication and teamwork skills. Excellent time management skills Willingness to remain up-to-date on the latest Experience: 3+ Years of experience A strong portfolio of previous work and completed projects. BSc/MSc Responsibility: Using 3D modeling, texture, mapping, and other techniques to create graphics, and visual effects. Understanding project needs and conceptualizing creative ideas, Collaborating and attending meetings to discuss ongoing projects, Receiving feedback and editing creations based on the comments, Reviewing creations and suggesting improvements Creating 3D sculpts and assets to meet artistic standards, Troubleshooting problems arising during a project, Discussing and reviewing projects and deadlines. Avantazhet: Kushte komode pune. Zhvillim aftesish dhe rritje ne karrier. Page e kenaqshme. Te gjithe te interesuarit te dergojne CV ne email (CV vetem ne gjuhen Angleze)
  • KategoriaKrijuese dhe Dizajn
  • LlojiKohë e plotë
  • Paga750 EURO
  • Vite eksperiencëMesatare (3 - 10 vite)
  • Data e postimit22 Mars 2021
  • Letër motivueseJo
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